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nShift delivers a billion shipments to 190 countries each year. The new brand world we created for them is consistently impactful, versatile, and connected across all media.

Producing a new identity for this global market leader was always going to be a huge task, and it’s one that we relished. We created a daring and imaginative visual language which brought the delivery journey to life, and stood out amongst sector rivals. They were delighted with the results.

Collaborative process

We took our client on a creative journey of discovery, which resulted in a versatile, stand out brand world that provided them with the breadth they needed.

Brand world

We created everything from the logo, look and feel, animation, brand book, digital and printed marketing materials and website.

nShift brand world

At the core of the nShift brand is a unique illustration style, vibrant gradients, bold typography, and soft colours. Together they create an endlessly flexible design system that works across all forms of communication. A vehicle for showcasing pace, quality, dependability and innovation.

nShift digital ooo
nShift brand palette
nShift secondary

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