Sub0 Europe 2023



Polkadot Sub0 is where Web3 innovators come together. In 2023 the event was held in Lisbon, and was bigger than ever.

We worked with Polkadot’s internal team to create an event identity fit for the global stage on which it was held. An event that encouraged collaboration and thought leadership using a unique human focused design treatment to connect all who attended, virtually and in person.

Bringing tech to life

It was important that the focus was firmly on the tech. To ensure this we grounded the design treatment in an ‘ascii’ code base motion pattern, which animated across all materials.

Focussed messaging

Messaging from the event spoke to the target audience, building excitement and inspiring to collaborate within the Polkadot framework.

Sub0 event press insitu

The event was a great success. Packed with valuable insights from the top minds in the industry, it enabled attendees to discover all the benefits and advantages of Polkadot’s tech stack, which is the most advanced blockchain technology around.

Polkadot Sub0 Stickers_2
Sub0 event Broadcast executions
Polkadot event global europe
Sub0 Polkadot brand ID logo

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